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Cartridge tilting, Geddan & Miku miku – dance

on 27/02/2012

Know Your Meme

scientist Yatta explains “Get Down” (ゲッダン), a Japanese remix series that originated from a glitch in the N64 game Goldeneye, where the characters and vehicles would suddenly “spaz out” if the game cartridge was only partially inserted in the console.

The video footage depicting this glitch was uploaded onto the popular Japanese video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga on July 12th, 2007.

Less than two weeks after the first posting, another NicoNico user named “Chomimen” re-edited the ‘half-inserted cartridge’ footage and paired it with a 1997 J-pop love song entitled “Promise”. The resulting video was given the title of “007 Golden Eye Chaos Carnival – GET-DDAN”, with the word “GET-DAN” being Engrish for “Get Down.”

However, it took another year for the Geddan prototype to be discovered by Lamaze P, a well-known NicoNico “archives digger”, who then posted an animated version of the dance.

which spawned the Hatsune Miku (famous Japanese singer) interpretation


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